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How Many Sandbags Do I Need?

Not sure how many sandbags you need to build a sandbag wall? Here’s how to use our calculator:

  1. Measure the length that you need, input that into the “Length of Sandbag Wall” in Feet
  2. Measure how high you need to build your wall, measured in feet
  3. Click on “Calculate” and our calculator will tell you how many sandbags you will need as well as how much sand you need to order!
How Many Sandbags Do I Need to Build A Sandbag Wall?
Length of Sandbag Wall
Height of Sandbag Wall
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How To Build a Sandbag Wall

  • Fill sandbags approximately half full. If bag is too full, it becomes too rigid to fill in the gaps of the sand bag wall.
  • Use Super Sacks (bulk fibc totes) as a quick bulk option for a sand bag wall.
  • If needed, use plastic wrap within each layer of the sand bag wall to protect any water leaking through.
  • Calculate the total sand needed by multiplying the number of bags by 35 lbs
  • 1 Cubic Yard of Sand weighs 2,700 lbs = ~80 bags filled ~35 lbs


For more in depth information check out our guide on how to build a Sandbag wall here 

Economy Sandbags (Empty)

Economical, UV-resistant sandbags to divert water, build temporary retaining walls, stop floodwater, and ultimately protect your valuables.

  • Standard military- and municipal-spec 14″x26″ sizing, with drawstring
  • Available in white or high-vis orange
  • Resilient material with 1600 hours of added UVI protection

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Filled Sandbags

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