Polywoven Bags

Commonly used as seed bags and for other storage necessities within the agriculture industry, our polywoven polypropylene bags are great for packaging any type of material or good! 

Use as a rice bag, for alfalfa, oats, barley, or general parts packaging.

  • A wide array of sizes available to fit the specifics of your bagging needs!
  • Durable construction and wide mouth make our polywoven bags a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy storage option.

Starting at $53/case.

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Polywoven Bags To Make Your Operations Easier and Your Business More Profitable

St. Boniface Bags is a leading wholesale supplier of polywoven bags (sometimes called woven polypropylene bags) for the Canadian agriculture and industrial sectors. 

We carry a variety of polyweave bags frequently used in agriculture and industrial settings for storage, transport, and wholesaling. Our polypropylene (“poly-weave”) bags are selected and crafted for strength and durability – so you can pack and sell with confidence. They’re a budget-friendly approach to packaging that reduces breakage and spoilage, with improved durability compared to traditional PVC or PE plastics.

Reliable Strength and Durability

Our bags are crafted from high-quality polypropylene to ensure they can withstand considerable weight and the rough handling typical of agricultural settings. Our bags feature a high denier fabric that resists tears and punctures, making them robust enough for tough tasks and tough environments.

UV-Resilience Built Right In

Recognizing the temporary outdoor demands of agricultural applications and industrial settings, our bags have built-in UV resistance. While we wouldn’t recommend leaving them out in the sun for months on end, these poly bags can handle exposure to sunlight without degrading in short order, preserving the bag’s strength PLUS the integrity of their contents over time.

Fends of Moisture

To protect your valuables, our polywoven bags feature superior moisture resistance compared to many competing products on the market. Keeping contents dry and secure from external elements is central to many of the businesses we work with – while we wouldn’t recommend sending them out in the rain, these cost-effective bags will fend off low environmental moisture common to many indoor storage environments.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We work hard to be the best bag company (and last bag company) you’ll ever work with – that means great customer service, competitive pricing, and products that simply WORK.

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14x26" Sandbag

"We love working with businesses of all kinds and stand behind our bags 100%. If you've got questions or concerns, just give us a call!"

– Dan Wiebe, President, St. Boniface Bag Company

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Buy Polywoven Bags Online From a Trusted Supplier

For over 70 years, St. Boniface Bag Company has been supplying Manitoba, Canada, and much of the U.S. with high-quality bags of all kinds. 

We’ve been working with farmers and agricultural producers for a LONG time, and our polywoven bag options were selected to be a budget-friendly, cost-effective approach to storing grain and materials of all kinds. 

From polywoven polypropylene bags to burlap bags – and everything in between! – we have the right bags for your business. 

Our polywoven bags are the perfect solution as:

  • alfalfa bags
  • oat bags
  • grain bags
  • wheat bags
  • soy bean bags
  • corn bags
  • feed bags
  • mineral bags
  • sand bags
  • and more!

Great for Agricultural Products

These bags are widely used for storing and transporting agricultural products such as grains (like wheat, rice, and corn), seeds, flour, and animal feed. Their strength and moisture resistance make them an ideal option.

Great for Chemicals and Fertilizers

Polywoven bags are also suitable for packing chemicals and fertilizers, too! This material's resistance to most common ingredients, and its ability to prevent leaks and spills, are beneficial for safely transporting potentially hazardous materials.

Great for Minerals and Materials

Our poly bags are often used in the mining and minerals industry to transport products like coal, mineral sands, and other raw materials.

Great for Food Products

Polywoven bags can even be used for packaging bulk food products like rice, beans, and nuts – perfect for bulk food suppliers and food cooperatives!

Our Polywoven Bag Sizes and Dimensions

St. Boniface Bag is a wholesale bag supplier providing durable, cost-effective poly-weave bags in a variety of sizes to fit your needs!

Our Poly Bag Sizes:

18 x 30 poly weave bags

19 x 30 poly weave bags

20 x 30 poly weave bags

21 x 30 poly weave bags

19 x 36 poly weave bags

20 x 36 poly weave bags

21 x 36 poly weave bags

22 x 36 poly weave bags

22 x 36 poly weave bags

20 x 40 poly weave bags

21 x 40 poly weave bags

22 x 40 poly weave bags

23 x 40 poly weave bags

24 x 40 poly weave bags

26 x 40 poly weave bags

28 x 40 poly weave bags

30 x 40 poly weave bags

Common Polweave Bag Questions

Our polyweave bags are made from polypropylene, a “thermoplastic” polymer used in all kinds of settings today (and frequently made with recycled materials). It is one of the most common plastics in use. 

How long your polywoven bags last really depends on how they’re stored. Ultraviolet light – usually from direct sunlight – is the primary determinant. For bags stored indoors, this probably won’t be an issue; but for bags stored outdoors in the elements, expect bags to begin to break down and lose some strength with time.

Our bags can hold 40 pounds of material, and more, depending on size. 

Polyweave bags are NOT waterproof (they’re woven, just like a basket!) but they are moisture resistant when stored indoors. Don’t expect your dry goods to remain dry if these bags are under direct rain or exposed to bulk water.

We provide polywoven bags across Canada and most the U.S. Shipping isn’t an issue these days. For large orders, you’re also welcome to come by our warehouse in Winnipeg to pick up yourself!

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