Mesh Produce Bags

  • 10×15″ -Red 5 lbs
  • 12×20″ -Red 10 lbs
  • 16×25″ -Red 25 lbs
  • 19×32″ -Red 50 lbs
  • 24×36″ -Green

Product Description

St. Boniface Bag Company is a leading wholesale supplier of mesh bags commonly used in the firewood supply industry.

Are you a farmer needing to bag Onions, Potatoe’s, Corn or other produce? Mesh bags are the industry standard

We offer mesh bags that come in Red or Green in a variety of sizes. They are very strong, and allow for drying with great ventilation. Each bags comes attached with a drawstring for quick packing needs. They are made from polypropylene which is 100% recyclable and comes in many sizes and colours as required.

We can ship across Canada whether you need a few hundred bags, or a few thousand, we can get them to you fast!


  • Red Mesh 10×15″
  • Red Mesh 12×20″
  • Red Mesh 16×25″
  • Red Mesh 19×32″
  • Green Mesh 24×36″
Minimum order of 100 bags, pricing discount available at 500+ bags

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