Filled Sandbags

Sandbags are an affordable, effective, and rapidly deployable solution to flooding, water damage, and to guard against erosion. 

We have pre-filled sandbags available in bulk or individually.

Each bag weighs 60 lbs, perfect for extra weight on the back of your truck or to hold down a basketball stand. 

One pallet hold 50 filled sandbags, with a total weight of 3,000 lbs. 

Cost per bag – $7.50 + taxes
Cost per pallet – $6.75/bag + taxes

Filled Sandbags

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Our Standard Sandbags Pack Light, Deploy Quickly, and Stop Water

St. Boniface sandbags are an ideal flood prevention tool:

  • They’re durable, made with tight-woven polypropylene that’s dense and resistant to punctures and tears, and they can hold any dry material.
  • They’re inexpensive and designed to last, with UV protection for prolonged deployment.
  • They’re easy to use for homeowners, municipal, and industrial bulk-use alike.
  • They’re lightweight and packable for easy, inexpensive transport and storage when or where they’re needed.
  • They’re the perfect size, at an industry-standard 14” x 26” for bulk-fill applications and redeployment in almost any application.
  • Available in white poly and UV-resistant orange.

Applicable Across Tough Settings

Poly sandbags are remarkably versatile, and our customers span industries and use-cases. They’re ideal for barricade stability, erosion control, flood prevention, and in common ballast situations. 

Burlap bags holding a road closed sign down

Infrastructure and Municipalities

When flooding strikes, poly sandbags can be filled and deployed quickly to reroute water and create critical retaining walls. Municipalities frequently keep our sandbags on-hand in bulk for deployment as needs arise. Sandbags can be used not only for water control, but also for erosion prevention and in supporting banks, and they can even be effective in spill containment.

Greenhouse with plants growing inside nicely in rows

On The Jobsite

Contractors and site supervisors commonly deploy our sandbags for ballast as anchor bags––in holding down signage and tarping, and to prevent erosion at large and small sites alike. They’re also used in landscaping for filtration, separation, and protection purposes, and they’re frequently used in lighting and grip settings in the entertainment industry.

Oil rig on the horizon of empty field

In the Energy Sector

Our customers include the oil & gas industry, which commonly use our sandbags in water control situations, erosion prevention, as well as in unique pipeline and extraction settings.

By Homeowners

Homeowners frequently deploy our sandbags as ballast, like weighing down pool covers over off-season months, tarping during construction projects, holding basketball hoops in place, and restraining canopies during outdoor events. From sandbags for raised garden beds to stream and slope stabilization, we’ve seen it all.

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