Toilet Paper

  • DuraPlus 2 ply
  • 500 sheets/roll
  • 48 rolls/case
  • Pallet Pricing Available

Product Description

Introducing DuraPlus Toilet Paper, the epitome of comfort, quality, and convenience for your business needs. Crafted with precision and care, our 2-ply toilet paper sets the standard for luxurious softness and unparalleled durability.

Each roll features a generous 500 sheets, ensuring long-lasting performance and fewer roll changes, saving you time and hassle. With such ample capacity, you can trust DuraPlus to keep your restroom well-stocked and your guests satisfied.

Packaged in convenient cases containing 48 rolls, our bulk offering ensures you never run out of essential supplies. Whether you’re managing a busy office, restaurant, or hospitality venue, DuraPlus Toilet Paper provides the reliability and efficiency you need.

But that’s not all – for even greater savings and convenience, pallet pricing is available. Take advantage of our special offers to stock up and save, ensuring you have an abundant supply of premium toilet paper at your fingertips.

With its superior softness and strength, DuraPlus Toilet Paper delivers a luxurious experience with every use. Elevate your restroom amenities and provide your guests with the comfort they deserve. Choose DuraPlus and experience the difference firsthand. Order now and enjoy the ultimate in toilet paper excellence!

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