5 Tips for Choosing the Right Garbage Bags



      • Garbage bags come in various types, including compostable, traditional plastic, biodegradable, scented, heavy-duty contractor, drawstring, recycling, and biohazard bags. Each type is designed for a particular use and waste disposal needs.

      • Choosing the right garbage bag is crucial for efficient waste management and avoiding issues like waste overflow and torn bags. Factors to consider to help you choose the right garbage bag include size and capacity, material and environmental impact, strength and durability, handle options, and odor control.

    5 Tips for Choosing the Right Garbage Bags

    Let’s talk about something we all use daily for waste management—garbage bags. Also known as trash bags, bin bags, rubbish bags, bin liners, or refuse sacks. Garbage bags are used for collecting, storing, and disposing of waste.

    Unsurprising, this may be the fundamental knowledge you have about these bags.  Do you know there are different types of garbage bags, each designed for a specific purpose? 

    In this article, we’ve explained the things to consider in choosing the right garbage bag. But before that, let’s look at the different types of garbage bags.

    Types of Garbage Bags

    With a wide variety of garbage bags available, each designed for a particular use and waste disposal needs, you can feel confident in your ability to choose the right one. Whether you’re dealing with everyday household waste, heavy-duty construction debris, or recyclable materials, there’s a garbage bag designed to meet your needs. 

    Compostable Garbage Bags

    Compostable garbage bags are designed to decompose in a composting environment. So, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly garbage bag, a compostable garbage bag is that bag!

    What’s more? Compostable garbage bags are perfect for compostable organic waste, such as leftover foods and green yard waste.

    Traditional Plastic Garbage Bags

    These types of garbage bags are the ones you probably use the most at home for your everyday household waste. What are they made of? They are usually made from Polyethylene(PE)—HDPE or LDPE. 

    When it comes to when to use them, traditional plastic garbage bags are perfect for office trash, kitchen waste, and general household waste. 

    Biodegradable Plastic garbage Bags

    Like traditional plastic garbage bags, these garbage bags are made from plastic, with special additives that help them break down faster than regular plastic trash bags. Biodegradable garbage bags can decompose in just a few months, leaving no harmful residue behind. This makes them more environmentally friendly and perfect for your everyday waste, especially if you wish to reduce your environmental footprint.

    Scented Garbage Bags

    Want to keep your garbage area smelling fresh and pleasant every day? Scented garbage bags are the perfect option! These bags come with added fragrances to help cover up offensive smells.

    What material are these types of bags made of? Scented garbage bags are made of polyethylene mixed with scent agents. They are perfect for your kitchen waste or any waste that might get smelly.

    Heavy Duty Contractor Garbage Bags

    As the name suggests, these are heavy-duty garbage bags made for construction and renovation projects and heavy-duty cleanups. These bags are incredibly strong and resistant to tearing, so you can use them for the sharpest and heaviest waste without worrying about them ripping.

    When to use them? They are perfect for the disposal of bulky household items, construction debris such as bricks, tiles, and concrete, and for your yard clippings.

    Drawstring Garbage Bags

    These are convenient trash bags with in-built drawstring for easy sealing and carrying. Drawstring garbage bags are fantastic for collecting waste from your kitchen and bathroom. 

    All you need to do is pull the drawstring, and the bag will seal tightly. What next? Just carry them to your curbside bin. Such a quick and hassle-free disposal bag, right?

    Recycling Garbage Bags

    If you want to sort your trash into recyclable and non-recyclable materials, then recycling bags is your go-to helper. These are special bags for collecting recyclables such as plastic, glass, metal, and paper. Recycling garbage bags are often made of clear or blue-tinted polyethylene so you can easily see what’s inside and sort them accordingly.

    As the name suggests, they are made using recycled plastic. Do you know why this is great? Using them helps reduce the production of new plastic, which is fantastic for reducing waste and conserving resources.

    Biohazard Garbage Bags

    Biohazard garbage bags are designed for safe disposal of medical and hazardous waste that may pose a health risk to humans. You find these bags in hospitals, labs, and other medical facilities.

    Tips for Choosing the Right Garbage Bags

    Choosing the right garbage bags might not seem like a big deal. But did you know that buying the wrong garbage bag can leave you with avoidable problems such as waste overflow and torn bags?

    You might be wondering how you can make the right choice from so many options in the market. But do not panic! 

    To make this easier, we have outlined vital factors you need to consider before picking a garbage bag. When you take time to consider these factors, you can  make choices that keep your waste management hassle-free and efficient in the long run:

    Size and Capacity

    When picking a garbage bag, the first things you should consider are its size and capacity. Ensure the bag size matches your trash bin’s dimensions so you can easily put it in and take it out without making a mess. Since every trash bin varies, you should measure yours to find the correct dimension.

    Next, consider the bag’s capacity, which is how much waste it can hold, usually measured in gallons or liters. Consider how much trash your household or workplace generates to choose the right size. 

    You don’t want a bag that’s too small and ends up causing an overflow, nor do you need one that’s too big and wasteful. At St. Boniface’s Bags, you can find a range of garbage bag sizes to meet your specific needs.

    Material and Environmental Impact

    Another vital thing to consider is the garbage bag material and how it affects the environment. Garbage bags come in various materials, like plastic, biodegradable, and recycled. 

    Plastic bags are affordable and work well, but they’re not the most environmentally friendly. Biodegradable bags are more expensive but are a better option if eco-friendliness is your thing. Recycled bags are also a good choice if you want a sustainable option. 

    Strength and Durability

    Garbage bags should be strong and durable enough to hold their contents without leaking or tearing. So before buying one, consider the kind of waste you usually dispose of and pick a bag that’s strong enough for it.

    For heavy or sharp items, choose garbage bags with reinforced bottoms or thicker materials. Also, look for puncture-resistant bags to avoid unexpected spills or leaks.

    Handle Options

    Trash bags have different handle options, like drawstrings, tie handles, and reinforced grips. The type you choose can make a big difference in convenience. For instance, drawstrings make it super easy to close and lift the bag, reducing the risk of spills and messes. 

    Tie handles, on the other hand, let you manually tie the bag for a secure seal. What about reinforced grips? They are great for carrying heavier loads, giving you better stability and comfort without straining your arms.

    Odour Control

    To avoid unpleasant odors from your garbage bag, look for ones with built-in odor control, like scented bags. These help mask or neutralize offensive smells, keeping your space fresh and pleasant.

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    What Garbage Bag Size Should I Use for My Trash Can?

    For the bag width, use half of the outer circumference of the container—This would apply to either square or round containers. Then, for the bag height (concerning round containers), use the container’s height plus half of its diameter plus three to six inches (for overhang or tie). For the bag height (concerning square or rectangular containers), use the container’s height plus the container’s bottom’s longer diagonal, plus three to six inches (for overhang or tie).

    Can I Use Garbage Bags For Storing Items Other Than Trash?

    Absolutely! You can use garbage bags to store various items other than trash. You can utilize them to store your dirty clothes and shoes or your seasonal clothing to protect them from dust and moisture. 

    What Materials Are Garbage Bags Made From?

    Garbage bags are made from Polyethylene(PE)—one of the most popularly used commodity plastics. They are available as either low-density polyethylene (LDPE) or High-density polyethylene (LDPE). Some garbage bags are made from plant-based materials such as potato starch or cornstarch  

    This article provides detailed information on tips for choosing the right garbage bags and the types of garbage bags available in the market.

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